Friday, August 29, 2008

Please say a Prayer for Brownie

Dear friends,

We noticed a lump on her tummy sometime back and brought her to the vet who said not to worry. Then recently (past 2 weeks), we noticed it became bigger. Plus recently (also in the past 2 weeks), we noticed a lump on her hip. Our brave doggy is at the vet right now and they are scheduling for an emergency ultrasound/ultrascan at another location. Thank goodness Jules and his dad are with her.

The stomach lump could be hernia, could be cancer.

Since I am already on the Internet, I thought I would ask for the most powerful healing medication of all - your prayers and positive thoughts.

Thank you
Sharon and Jules


Pai Pai 2:48 pm  

Hi, I hope brownie is doing well :) She's a beauty and will definately be fine...

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