Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Last year, Sharon read me a story about a emancipated stray dog that was captured and heartlessly tied and cruelly starved to death by an "artist" called Guillermo Habacuc Vargas. She didn't want to post it up as it was just too upsetting. What she did was to fast and pray for that doggie for a week. But now she realized that she was so wrong to just do ONLY that. It was not be enough - she has to tell the world, so here it is...I cried big doggy tears for days when I saw this.

Not only did he tie the weak dog up, he also put food just out of reach of it. So it could smell food but could not eat it. Also he 'wrote' out a message on the wall made out of Dog Food.

Sign here and please if you want a dog, adopt one. Also the murderer has come up with excuses and said that he actually released the dog. He said so AFTER the whole incident exploded. Sign the petition to stop him from participating in future shows.

Why are humans so cruel? What have we dogs ever done to you?


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