Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pregnant Contemplation

Jules brought me down for a walk that day.We bumped into a man and the man looked kinda excited when he saw me. He came up to Jules and he asked Jules if I was pregnant!! And if I was, could he have one of my pups cos' I am so cute!!?? Oh dear! That really made me upset!

Jules was kinda taken aback too cos' he knows that I am fat and big-boned, but if someone thinks that I am pregnant, then I must be in serious trouble!! I was so upset, I did not walk any further and asked Jules to take me home. I did not sleep the whole night as I felt really lousy...

Then, I browsed thru' Sharon's magazines and saw some articles on yoga and pilates. Here's a solemn shot of me in my Zen-like state of mind, trying very hard to contemplate, focus, breathe deeply and lose weight...actually, I am also trying very hard not to think of that thick, greasy cheeseburger that I saw Jules eating :-(



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Poor Brown Monster

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