Thursday, June 30, 2005

Action For Singapore Dogs

When Sharon first took me in as a pregnant stray, she was clueless and did not know what to do with me. (Sharon has never kept any dogs before I came into her life). Someone told her about this non-profit organisation called Action For Singapore Dogs (ASD). Sharon contacted the ASD and this wonderful guy called Ricky gave Sharon advice and tips on how to care for me. He even managed to find me a vet for my sterilisation and he also played a significant role in the adoption of my pups ! In my humble opinion, Ricky and his team at the ASD are heroes and saints to strays like us! They worked so hard, go all the way out and try their very best to find homes for the poor strays like me. Some of the lucky ones do find good homes; others who have been abused or are seriously malnourished do not make it and they go pass the lush green meadows, clear blue streams and over the rainbow to Doggie Heaven instead. Sometimes, when I think of what my life would have been like (if not for kind people like Sharon and Ricky), I weep with a heavy heart. I am really so fortunate! As a tribute to Sharon, to all the wonderful people at ASD and to all those compassionate people who adopted a stray, I want to say "Thank you for all your love and hard work" (on behalf of all the adopted strays). Please visit the Action For Singapore Dogs webpage ( and tell your friends about it. Adopt a stray. It might take a lot of time and energy to keep a dog and to be a responsible pet owner, but believe me, the rewards are great; for the love, companionship and loyalty that we give you unconditionally are unparalleled, unsurpassed and out-of-this-world.


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